Tuesday, October 23, 2012

An update, goals and a to do list

I have been kind of M.I.A the month of October. About 4 weeks ago I had a pretty bad fall down our front steps ( rain+flip flops+ VERY slippery steps when wet= very painful!)
I have been in bed A LOT with a heating bed and pain meds. But praise the Lord I am now up and about! I sit hurt alot and have a hard time sitting and cannot sit for very long but I am now able to get some much needed stuff done around home :) I am so very behind on my fall deep cleaning :(
So to help keep me organized and accountable to get it all done I want to post my goals for the rest of October and the rest of my fall cleaning schedule as well.

Goals for October

Take a nature walk
Family Photos in the leaves
Photography Appointment Wednesday and this weekend- senior photos/ baby shower
Clean out sandbox, clean and store away kiddie pool, store away small slide on porch
Purchase material for live nativity scene/ make tunics 5 of them.
Put together Youth Group event 10/26/ make dinner and dessert for event.
Type letter to parents of Sunday School class about Thanksgiving food drive
Send in schedule for church bulletin
Picnic with family
Moonlight corn maze with the Hubs 10/27
Pumpkin carving 10/28
Dinner and Decorate for Hubs birthday 10/28
Type up Sunday School lesson

To- do for Tuesday 10/23

Spot clean carpets
Fold clothes in bedroom and put away
Wash curtains
Wash walls and trim in living room
Daisinfect door knobs and remotes
Bag up bottles and cans
Dinner at Doug and Susie's
Craft with my son