Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A dozen things I am thankful for...

(This post was meant for Tuesday evening. While typing it out, I fell asleep in the couch, it had been a very long day! haha)

Wow what a Monday! Today has been one of those days you need a gallon of coffee, a long cry into your pillow and a big hug all to just get through it.

I pretty much begged my friends on Facebook to pray hard for me. I felt weak, tired, stressed... It has been a long rough day!
Thankfully with help from my praying friends my afternoon/evening got much much better!
I knew I wanted/needed to post tonight but wasn't sure what about... I have a long list of posts I plan to write on but none of those I really felt like thinking out right now.
The idea for the dozen things I am thankful for came from the blog Biblical Homemaking.

So with all that said here is my list.

(in no particular order)

- My husband being home! He normally is out of work by 5 but tonight had to work until 9!! It's just not normal for Logan and I to eat dinner together or just be home at night while it is dark out just us. It was rather lonely :( But not the Hubs is home and I am oh so happy! I miss him so much when he is gone :(

- No doggy accidents since 1 pm!! praise to God!

- For a sweet little boy who kisses my hand randomly like a prince. Who gets the door for me when my hands are full. Who tells me I am pretty and special and his best friend. He is such a sweetheart!

- For coffee on days like today :)

- For snow melting and grass poking through!

- For the few hours before bed my Husband and I have after putting our son to bed. The house is quiet, we can relax, watch our favorite shows or play board games. I just love that time to relax :)

- For our washer being fixed! oh what a blessing! It has been about a month.

- For fleece sheets that feel oh so nice to climb in bed and cozy up in.

- For my crockpot. It makes my job as a Mom a little bit easier. Days that are crazy and hard, knowing that dinner is already taken care of is so nice!

- For our new shower head. It's a rain head and is just so lovely.

- For Gods word. It helps me get through the day. On days that I don't take the time out to sit and study and absorb, those days I am very much reminded why I need it so badly.

- For my prayer journal. I got the idea of a prayer journal (actually journal style) from Courtney at Women Living Well. I put my confessions of things I have done and need to work on in there ( wow isn't that part hard to write!) I have my prayer list, Praise list, verses from my devotions and more! Since starting my prayer journal I have really been able to see how many prayers really do get answered and how much I have to be thankful for.

So these are my Dozen things I am thankful for right now. What are yours?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Spring Cleaning

OK, so I know it's only February barely but once Christmas is over and your house has gotten cluttered with gifts, the house is dustier or more unorganized than normal because you have been too busy with the holidays to worry about it, I don't know about you but once January gets here I am ready for a clean out. The weather had become unseasonably warm this past week it is now back to freezing ...*sadness* so it has put me in the spring cleaning mood. I like to clean... I know I know I am a weirdo! But I love the feeling of accomplishment, the way everything is neat and in it's place. I feel so much more relaxed.
So for the past week I have gotten 3 closets, our office area and my sons toy box completely re-organized and deep cleaned! ya :) I also am cleaning my parents in laws home for them and have gotten the entire kitchen and half the living room done... yup, I have been pretty busy!... and tired!

Here is my complete Spring Cleaning to-do list for 2013
with some home repairs we need to get done as well.

(side note: my list might seem small but I try to keep up with a lot of the typical deep cleaning through out the year as well as trying my best not to have cluttered drawers)



Repaint walls- a paint that holds up better to moisture
Paint trim
Replace trim around tub
Hook up washer and dryer
Line cabinet shelves


Deep clean tub
Clean behind toilet
Dust window frame
Wash window

Living Room:


Touch up wall paint
Touch up trim
Fix minor holes in walls
Add outlet to office area
Add screen to window


Dust corners near ceiling
Dust tv area and office area
Vacuum under couch and under cushions
Dust all picture frames
Carpet clean floors



Paint new cabinet area
Add counter top to new area
Touch up trim paint
Touch up wall paint


Clean under cabinet area
Deep clean fridge (behind the fridge as well)
Add shelf liners



Replace trim around entry door
Repaint walls
Add large hooks to coat area


Deep Clean all winter coats, boots etc.
Wash windows
Carpet Clean floors

Master Bedroom and My Son's bedroom:

Clean windows
MB- Touch up wall paint
Carpet Clean floors
LR- Repaint, paint trim, add double bed,add bookshelf

I would also like to fix up our back stairway leading to my husbands work shop and a small grassy area outside. I want to use that for our outdoor eating/ grill area.

My husbands work shop needs to be organized and cleaned.

Our car needs deep cleaning.

Our little porch area: plant flowers and a herb garden, spray paint light black.

I am hoping to have this all done by March. :) So when do you start your spring cleaning? Leave a comment below :)

Friday, February 1, 2013

In The Kitchen Episode 3- Superbowl Edition

Hey everyone! Can you believe it?! It's that time of year again! Superbowl time!! In our house the Superbowl is a BIG deal. Whether our team is playing or not... sadly this year they are not :( (no...I don't want to talk about it *boohoo*) We have spent each Superbowl Sunday evening at the Hubs Aunt and Uncles house since we have been married ( almost 5 years now! Happy almost Anniversary to us!) We have a ton ( golly it's ALOT) of food. (hot wings, mac and cheese, different dips etc.) This year I am making cranberry crock pot meatballs and a bacon ranch dip (YUM!) I will get the recipes posted tomorrow for those who want to make them both for this Sunday ( they are SUPER EASY so you still have time folks! :) ) So, any who back to the day of the big game... we watch the actual game ( duh!) and of course the commercials! ( though they seem to get less and less funny each year sadly)
Superbowl Sunday is like a holiday here at our house... we love the fellowship with family, making yummy food and cheering on our favorite team ( or the best out of the two playing that's not our team)

What is your Superbowl Sunday like? What sort of yummy things do you make? Do you look more forward to the game, food, commercials or the fellowship with company over to watch? I would love it if you left a comment :)

Happy Football Watching Everyone!

So without further ramblings.... Episode 3 of "In the kitchen" yay! and the Hubs even joined me in this one :)

(p.s seriously make this cake in this episode... you WILL NOT regret it...oh and....your welcome ;)