Wednesday, June 20, 2012

mm that delicious cinnamon and sugar smell...

This morning I surprised my family with homemade cinnamon rolls. Our home smelled fantastic, warm and comforting. Cinnamon Rolls make me think of fall and thanksgiving. And on a day like today high 90's and HUMID it was a nice feeling ;)  Recipe coming soon :)

Hard "Baked" Eggs

I am a big egg salad sandwich fan. Loves 'em! But all the egg sandwiches in my past do not compare to the deliciousness of a egg sandwich made from baked eggs. The egg ends up being so creamy and flavorful and so SO  good!

Hard "baked" Egg Sandwich

Place eggs in a muffin pan... using as many eggs as you desire.
place in preheated 300 degree oven 
bake for 23-30 mins


make your egg sandwich as you normally would
( I use only mayo, salt and pepper. I am a simple girl and mustard is just not for me.)

I served this as a wrap using a whole wheat tortilla shell and it was so good!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Christians, we NEED to stand up for Marriage between a MAN and a WOMAN. We need to stand for "until death do us part" and not just "give up" because the grass looks greener or because we get too lazy to work at it. We need to honor and obey the word of God.

to be like Jonah...

‎"But I will sacrifice unto thee with the voice of thanksgiving; I will pay that that I have vowed. Salvation is of the Lord". Jonah 2:9 
It's easy to read the book of Jonah and say..."I would have listened when God called... I can't believe Jonah tried to hide from God and disobeyed Him like that" But honestly how many times have we done that? We are no different than Jonah. Sure, we're not being called to Nineveh but how many times have we known God was calling us to change but we wanted to stay how we were? or how many times have we known God is calling us to obey and instead we do it our way? Or witness to someone but we don't feel like it? Submit to our husbands,love our wives...the list can go on and on... we are sinful and stubborn but will never have that close relationship we desire until we chose to do what the Lord tells us to do. Jonah put himself before the Lord, as we often find ourselves doing with tv, Internet etc. Jonah tried to hide from God. How many times have we skipped out on fellowship and the teaching of Gods word at church and tried to hide from church members or make up an excuse thinking "oh they won't find out why I missed" but God will. I think we often don't think he notices.
You see we are a lot like Jonah. But Jonah came to put aside his stubbornness and repented and followed the will of God... are we willing to do the same?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Morning Pick Me Up

Coffee is a MUST on  a Monday morning!

my little boy enjoys his "cup of joe" as well :)
( chocolate mix in Mommy's coffee mug)

Homemade Cream Style Corn

SO GOOD! Looks pretty... forgot to take a photo so you will just have to trust me on this.

Homemade Cream Style Corn

20 ounces of cooked, and  fresh cut off the cob corn

1/2 package of cream cheese

1/2 cup of milk

Place corn in pot along with milk and cook until softened, do not bring to boil!

This will take about 10 mins

Add softened cream cheese

mix until creamy

then serve.

But try not to get big headed listening to all the cheers and "mmm, ahhh" "wow this is so good!" 
 from your almost 3 year old who LOVES what you just made him. 

and enjoy.

Bacon, Egg and Cheese Muffins

These things...super easy to make, I kid you not!

I love them, my almost 3 year old loves them, and they are a requested favorite by the Hubs.

So how do you make them? Well I am gonna tell ya, so take notes cause you will defiantly want to try these!

Oh and did I tell you how super easy and crazy cheap they are??! oh.. I hadn't mentioned that? well, they are!

Bacon, Egg and Cheese Muffins

Makes 10

4 eggs scrambled (in the pan, Not with milk! I have tried both ways and making a scrambled egg mixture, like one normally would, to make scrambled eggs made the insides of these take too long to cook, so just spray your pan, add the eggs and scramble up baby)

Deli Sandwich Cheese ( any kind your heart desires, each slice cut into 4 pieces)

Bacon ( COOKED! and chopped. I used thick cut, but have also used sausage- which in this I prefer more but the Hubs liked the bacon ones more...)

Grands Biscuits ( any flavor- butter, buttermilk, home style)

Ok so, now here comes the fun part... once eggs and Bacon or meat of choice is cooked and ready to devour you take a biscuit, flatten it, place a spoonful of egg in the center, top with cheese, then add the sausage or bacon, Enough to only cover egg and stays in center, you don't want these things TOO full.
Next you fold and pinch....hmm hard to explain... you gather up with sides and bring them together and pinch shut... make sense?? 

place pinched side down into a muffin pan ( sprayed of course)

cook at 350 until golden brown. 

When you think they are done just take one out, flip over check inside through the pinched side to see if the biscuits are done ( those grands biscuits... so tricky they are!)

and there you have it! SCRUMPTIOUS! for real :)

our Fathers Day weekend

First off I want to say how happy I am that my son has who he has for a dad.
My Hubs is a wonderful man, my best friend and I love him very very much! 

Ok, so mushiness aside :) what  a wonderful weekend!

Saturday Morning-

 It started off with our tradition every Saturday big breakfast together :) 
Applesauce Pancakes, Sausage and Scrambled Egg yum!

After that we went shopping and picking up a few things we needed as well as a couple food items I needed for our Sunday BBQ lunch.

After that it was off to the new fireworks store in town!! We ended up buying 3 large- reaches up to 65 foot fireworks, firecrackers and sparklers :D

After we got home I had LOTS of baking to do. I make our teen Sunday school class breakfast every Sunday so I had cinnamon rolls to make, Fathers day cake etc.

Later that night it was time to shoot of the fireworks we had purchased earlier! 
Because it was a Saturday, with church the next day and preparations for a day spent in the Lords house we didnt want to be out to late shooting them off so we went out about 7:30 which it was just starting to get dark so we were able to see the fireworks but they would be much cooler to set off later once it was completely dark :)

Sunday morning-

6:30 my alarm went off.
I had plans to make a favorite breakfast for the Hubs and decorate before my guys woke up.

I made Egg, Bacon and Cheese muffins ( they sort of taste like a hot pocket and so gooood! Recipe coming soon!)

I decorated with a super hero banner I had made the night before, blue balloons that was also used for a gift game :) and set the table with wine glasses for our orange juice and nice dishes ;)

My husband played the balloon game which required him to pop one, catch the piece of paper that was inside, read it and by the clue word figure out what his gift was! 
It turned out just as I had wanted! :)

Logan had made a craft with my help the day before... a " stone" with his hand print. On the back it says to Daddy love Logan that I helped him write :)

We got him a cute card as well that I had created online and got for FREE with a coupon code :)

Next up it was time for church!

( I got to meet my niece born only 6 days ago! She is stinkin ADORABLE! love her!)

Once home I made a surprise lunch for the Hubs- Grilled Pork Chops that had been marinating for 24 hrs!
Homemade Mac and Cheese ( recipe soon!) 
and Homemade cream corn ( recipe also coming soon!)

followed by his favorite- Mountain Dew Cake

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing and naps... it was great!

That evening the Hubs and I went outside to play a game of PIG and my little boy learned how to peddle his bike! 

So that was my weekend. Hope you all had a wonderful one! 

( Here are is a photo bomb ;) )

Friday, June 15, 2012

"These are a few of my favorite things"

Ok, so I haven't done a favorite things post in a long long time so for fun and because I have some free time tonight I thought... why not? :)

First off, Emma Stones hair in this photo! LOVE. IT Could I pull it off? Probably not but a girl can dream right? ;)

Downton Abbey.  Seriously,  FAVORITE.SHOW!

Chocolate Mocha Dunkin Donut k cups!! SOOOO Good!

My George Foreman grill... that guy can make a grill ya'll! Easy cleanup, takes the grease out of burgers... love it!

 tesschristine123 on youtube  great how to videos for hair, clothes, makeup etc. And even though most of her clothes are a bit too short and so forth I have still learned a lot about hair styles, makeup and all that.

So these are my new favorites... at the moment. :)

Ideas for some Summer Fun!

 Bucket List :)
 No mess, table top painting! Perfect for out on the porch
 Pop on the hour for a fun activity!
 Balloon pinata! Nice way to get cool!
 Inexpensive and fun!

Glow stick+ inside a balloon+ floating in a pool = amazing!!!
on the go game- glue lego bases to a container ( lunch box maybe?) fill with lego pieces... easy and fun!

July 4th ideas!

It's almost that time... Can you believe it? Independence Day is right around the corner folks!!!

I am super proud to be an American, land that I truly love.

I also love to decorate, and bake, and BBQs and summer, and warm days, and and and and... ;)

Here are some 4th of July decorative ideas courtesy of Pinterest :)

 Seriously, is there a flower more perfect for summer then a sunflower?!! and when you put them with flags... have mercy they are adorable! Will be making an arrangement for my table thank you very much!
 I. STINKIN. LOOOOVE. THIS so easy and inexpensive too ;)
 My son would have the most fun with these... will be giving it a try for sure!
 CUTE! and simple and very old time summer...ish ( hmm not sure if that made sense to you but I fully understand in my head what I meant ha ha)
 Print and place in cheap white frame... done and done!
 My son+ watermellon= bff's for real!

Wagon wanted! Every year when we attend the Parade in Bar Harbor I decorate the stroller but REALLY want to decorate a wagon!

June Goals

June Goals

I am just NOW posting my June goals with only two weeks left in the month but oh well... here goes anyhow :) 


All of 1 John and memorize 3 verses from it.

Finish " reshaping it all" finally! Received it as a Christmas gift ha ha


How to work my sewing machine!

To become a morning person!

( the exclamation points are necessary because I am very very horrible at both! ha ha)


A meal for someone else

Plant my flowers 

Paint the Master bedroom and bathroom

Make a headboard or something like it

Work out everyday for 1 week straight!

Take my vitamins EVERYDAY and make it into a habit!

Plan an amazing Fathers Day

Take photos of my Son and Hubs for my Father in laws birthday gift

Start a thankful board


My sister 2 hours away

Go on a date somewhere with the Hubs

The library

Bar Harbor for fun

Recipes to make:

Ranch and Bacon pull apart bread

Ranch Crock pot Tacos

Breakfast Pizza

Nutella freezer pops