Sunday, April 7, 2013

starting the week out right

Make me a servant like you, Dear Lord,
                                                              Living for others each day
Humble and meak,
Helping the weak,
Loving in all that I say.
Give me Lord, a servant's heart
Here's my life, take ev'ry part.
Give me, Lord, a servant's heart.
Help me draw so close to You
That Your love comes shining through
Give me, Lord, a servant's heart,
Give me, Lord, a servant's heart.

As I go into this coming week this song comes to mind. 
As a Mom and a Wife there are times I can get overwhelmed and my servants heart isn't always there. I get tired and at times my focus will shift from serving my family to "when do I get a break?" "why is there always so much to do!?" 

The line "loving in all that I say" I need to ask the Lords help in how I handle situations and how I react to them.

I pray as I go into another week in this wonderful role the Lord has blessed me with that I will have a heart like Jesus, caring and humble. That my priorities will be as they should be and that I will hand my week over to the Lord. Drawing unto Him. 

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