Wednesday, July 21, 2010

homemade pizzas can taste good!

Boxed dough. Have you heard of the stuff? The kind of pizza dough where you add water to a powdered mix, form it into a ball add pounds of flour and roll it out into a sort of pizza shape.
I grew up on the stuff. At only like .50 cents a box it seems like the best choice for large families.
Well, at 25 years old, married and doing my own grocery shopping I stumbled across something great...premade pizza dough! Just like the pizza places use. At only 1.00 each that's a good deal! True the box doughs are cheaper but it takes 2 boxes at least to make one large pizza compared to only 1 premade! less roll out time and easier to work with. I became a fast fan.
My husband and I love pizza. In particular, BBQ and Buffalo Chicken. Its super easy to make, less greasy as the standard pepperoni and tastes amazing.

Recipes for Buffalo Chicken Pizza and BBQ Chicken Pizza.

For 2 pizzas I use 2 chicken breasts. ( I use boneless) Premade dough from Walmart. Texas Pete's Buffalo Wing Sauce and Sweet Baby Rays brown sugar bbq sauce.
First I cooked the chicken on either the grilled for that extra smokey flavor or just simply on the stove top. Add a alittle salt and pepper for taste, some liquid smoke found in Walmart with the sauces.
Once chicken is cooked I put half in one bowl half in another. In one bowl goes the BBQ sauce in the other the buffalo sauce. Simple isn't it? :)
Roll out the dough and place in a pizza pan as normally would when making pizza. Spread sauce over individual doughs next adding Low Fat Mozzarella Cheese. After that the chicken.
Cook on 375 until golden brown and cheese melted.


For something different I make cal zones. Made the same as far as layering, the difference... Place ingredients on one side of dough brush edge of dough with egg fold other side over and pinch with fork making a design all the way around the edges. Make slit on top for steam to escape during cooking. Brush with Olive Oil. Cook same temp.

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