Monday, August 23, 2010

12 new things...

I am a fan of a blog called A Wise Woman Builds Her Home. it teaches about all sorts of to be a godly wife, mom, how to be a better homemaker, gives recipes etc. It was from that blog that I came across another called A Warm Cup Of Coffee. The blogger, a mom of 3 and a lovely christian lady came up with a list called the 12 new things. Its a new skill or something she wants to work on. She encouraged others to make up their own 12 things and I want to be one of them. So here is my 12 things.

1- Get my license. Yes I know, I am 26 without a license. Its true.
2- Learn how to stick to a home schedule. I am not a believer of nap this time snack right on the dot this day sort of thing but I thrive on structure somewhat.
3-Learn how to sew an apron.
4-Master the art of homemade bread..without a machine.
5-Learn how to pump gas...this goes back to the no license thing. Just never had to do it.
6-Show my husband he is loved and respected by doing something special for him every day.
7-Learn how to eat healthy, inexpensively.
8-Learn to speak softly and patience.
9-Learn how to make christmas pjs for Logan.
10-Scrapbook. I have always wanted to put a book together of the time my husband and I dated, married and one for my son.
11-Learn to play an instrument.
12- Learn how to organize and daily use my household notebook.

If your wondering what the picture is at the top of the blog, its my neice Lexie who was baptized yesturday morning. Praise the Lord!

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