Thursday, March 22, 2012

an update

I am so horribly bad at updating this blog. I have so many recipes, news and just this and that I would love to share but finding the time to sit down and type it out... ya it just doesn't happen.

So to catch up on what's been going on at my homestead here's the news, I can't promise it will be an exciting read.

I live in Maine, it's March, Spring has only been around for 3 days... Yesterday it reached the 90's in the sun.... ?!?!?! huh? what? YES you read that right. That's like July weather in Maine, but hey I am not complaining... Needless to say we have been spending much time in the great outdoors. Hubs took us to the playground the other day, we've gone on walks and rode bikes... oh warm weather how I miss you dear friend.

Spring Cleaning... I have gone through closets and storage and even cleaned out our car and my Hubs workshop for his business. I have done a few baseboards and all that but no real deep clean run through of our house yet... I plan to start a spring cleaning womens series next week that includes a cleaning plan. I found it through a blog I follow. Should be fun! :)

Gardening. I NEED to start my seeds, but I haven't gotten them yet. This is the year guys, I will make a patio garden, you just watch me! :) I also want to grow herbs like, parsley and basil and rosemary. But I heard rosemary attracts spiders!!! ahh dun dun dun, ok maybe NOT rosemary then!

My little boy is growing. like. a. weed! It's sad really. He has transitioned to a Toddler bed! He has done very well adjusting too. So proud of him!

Church activities are in full swing! Almost every weekend is booked for awhile.

I have started decorating somewhat for Easter, going to make some crafts and will post photos soon.

I have stepped up my game and am losing some weight. I have lost and inch the month of March, not terrible but could do better I know...

well, I have drawn a blank in what else to write, have housework to finish and going to take my little guy for a walk then work on the Church's missionary books so.... Later!

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