Sunday, January 29, 2012

weekend update

The weather has been wonderful this weekend. Cold true, but beautifully sunny! Reminds me that spring will come... someday... soon, hopefully ;)
So yesterday we got up and had our big family breakfast, our Saturday morning tradition. Then we got ready and went to my nieces school to watch her play in a round robin basketball tourney. It was fun, my little boy loved it! He was dancing and cheering her on.
Later on that evening The Hubs and I had a burger cook off. It was a grand ole time! We each made two then had a taste test. Having ourselves the judges and the cooks was not really a good idea ha ha how can you judge? that's right, you cant! So we both won ;)
Today was church. I got the opportunity to teach the nursery Sunday school. They are so precious. We sang, colored, played. :)
My Hubs also had the opportunity to preach for our second service. He did wonderful and I learned a lot.
Today was also the that we both decided to fast and pray. We know God will do great things. We just have to wait on his timing. Going all day, especially at church where there always seems to be food served ( we're baptists after all ha! ) it was difficult but we did it. And you know what? I would do it again.
Our fasting ended at 6 pm though so Hubs got us Chinese :) I tried making fudge.... yeah I hate making fudge... Fudge is my enemy :(
Well, Guess I will end this post and go watch Once upon a time and relax.
-Our little kiddo is on Mommy and Daddy's bed dressed as Buzz Light year eating cream cheese with a spoon... gets his weirdness from his Dad ;)

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